VAES visuals

A strong visual shows more than just what you see. A good visual tells a story and seduces the observer with an image that leaves you wanting more. 3D rendering offers endless freedom to create an image exactly as you wish. The digital Sky is the Limit, limited only by creativity. And that’s exactly where VAES visuals makes the difference.

VAES visuals
Vaes Visuals | VAES visuals Vaes Visuals | VAES visuals
Of the good stuff

Our team is at the heart of what we do.

VAES visuals realises distinctive 3D-visuals with a photo-realistic character. Our images are used in architecture and product presentations. VAES visuals works with passionate 3D-artists on the cutting edge of technology and design. What is the result? Dive into our projects and experience the power of visual communication.

  • Roy Vaes OWNER & ART DIRECTOR Roy Vaes
  • Frank van Oudhuizen PARTNER IN BRANDING Frank van Oudhuizen
  • Stijn de Jong PARTNER IN BRANDING Stijn de Jong
  • Isabel Croon CONCEPT & STYLING Isabel Croon
  • Marijke Lodder SALES Marijke Lodder
  • Koen Koopman 3D ARTIST Koen Koopman
  • Reinier Lensink 3D ARTIST Reinier Lensink
  • Dennis Wolzak MOTION DESIGNER Dennis Wolzak
  • Kevin Beckers 3D ARTIST Kevin Beckers
  • Marcel Willems CERTIFIED DRONE PILOT Marcel Willems